Before School Programs

Grade 3 and up Wake-Up Program

The Grade 3 and Up Wake-Up Program begins at 6:30 with breakfast, Animal Planet on TV, coloring, crafts and more.

The teenage bus (and St. Mary’s bus) picks up the teenagers and St. Mary’s School children at the top of Academy Street at 7:30.  All other children are picked up right outside the gate at the LYA.  They are walked to their bus and the staff waits until the bus leaves (waving to them as they leave!).  We try to create a very “homey” and comfortable atmosphere.  The cost of the program is $6.00 per morning. This program runs 5 days per week throughout the school year.


K-2 Wake-Up Program

The Kindergarten through second grade wake-up program is a Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care licensed program.

It is located at our building at 13 Academy Street on the main floor and begins at 6:30 A.M.  We serve breakfast, play games, do crafts, color and if the weather is right, we have outside play time before the bus arrives at around 8:15 to bring the children to school.   Our staff walks all children to the bus and waves to them all as they are leaving – just like home!!!  The cost for this program is $6.00 per morning.  This program runs 5 days per week throughout the school year.


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